The TC Beirne Science & Law Group: (left to right)  Rob Mullins ,  Allison Fish ,  Mark Burdon , Me,  Andrew Ventimiglia ,  Brad Sherman ,  Hamish McDonald

The TC Beirne Science & Law Group: (left to right) Rob Mullins, Allison Fish, Mark Burdon, Me, Andrew Ventimiglia, Brad Sherman, Hamish McDonald

I am a Lecturer at Sydney Law School. I have a PhD (2010) in Social Psychology from the University of British Columbia where I was a Killam Scholar and a JD (2014) from the University of Toronto. A long time, I ago graduated cum laude from the University of Virginia with a BA in Psychology and Economics.

My research typically falls under the heading of psychology and law. In other words, I believe psychological research can tell us a lot about how legal doctrines ought to operate. For example, much of my research examines how unconscious biases can and do impact expert opinion evidence. Rules for the admission of lay and expert opinion should reflect such insights from rigorously performed psychological science.  

When I conduct empirical research, I attempt to do so with open and reproducible scientific methods.

Prior to returning to academia, I practiced litigation at a large international law firm and was called to the bar in both New York and Ontario. Whenever feasible, I try to offer pragmatic solutions and guidance to the challenges faced by practicing lawyers. My research has been featured in the National Post, New York Times and Ottawa Hill Times.

I am a member of the Evidence-Based Forensic Initiative.

Find out more about my research on the below services:

SSRN | Google Scholar | Research Gate | Open Science Framework